Lunch Near the Coliseum & Forum

Half the success of a day of touring is knowing where to stop for lunch

Lunch after your Tour:

  • This is a place where fine dining comes to die – much like the gladiators of old. The new restaurant Aroma on top of the Manfredi Hotel is trying to change that image – but as a very nice Relais & Châteaux property with prices to match, you might not want to trundle in still draped in the dust of the Forum.

However, there are few places that might work especially if you are looking to continue touring in the area after lunch.

  • If you are a large family looking for quick service, plenty of space, reasonable prices, and tons of variety, Naumachia, two blocks up from the Coliseum, is a safe bet.

  • For a heartier, more family style trattoria experience, there is Luzzinext door to Naumachia, where pasta and pizza can go far to soothe the tired tourist.

  • Da Nerone, just above the Coliseum Metro stop – don’t worry there’s an escalator – is an old standby trattoria with an antipasti buffet and solid Roman fare.

  • If the tour ends at the Forum, and you are looking for some serious sustenance, Taverna Romana is just a few blocks away . It is tucked away on a side street in the Monti quarter up the Via Cavour and serves very hearty, very Roman cuisine. Nothing is better on a chilly or rainy day then spaghetti cacio e pepe or coda alla vacinara. Tables are cramped, but the food is fine. You will be ideally located to head up to Santa Maria Maggiore afterwards or over to St. Peter in Chains.

  • A lighter, more informal choice would include Al Propagandaagain just two blocks away from the Coliseum. This lovely café has a stylish setting and a great variety of choices, from light lunch and many wines by the glass to grandma’s pasta and oysters of all things! It opens at noon and stays open all day.

  • If you have the energy to walk a little further after your tour – you might make your way around to the Circus Maximus and take in Rome’s most successful sporting activity – horse racing  (you thought it was gladiatorial games didn’t you?) The Circus Maximus held 250,000 people, 5 times the capacity of the Coliseum! At any rate, at the opposite end of the circus there is a lovely wine bar called 0,75 – where they serve platters,sandwiches and other light lunches along with some of the most interesting selections of wines by the glass. They also don’t close in the middle of the day, so even if your tour ends late, you will still find good food and fine wine at the end of the road.

  • If you are rejuvenated enough to continue, you will have in front of you the Aventine Hill with its wonderful view from the priory of Malta and the magnificent church of Santa Sabina as well as the city rose garden. Or you can take a few steps further down the street – and head to the Bocca della Verità ( from the movie Roman Holiday) and see two intact temples from ancient Rome!

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