Rome's Historical Center: An All-You-Can-See Smorgasbord of Art

Much like Rome’s cuisine, the historical center has many ingredients. Starting with a base of Ancient architecture like the Pantheon or Republican temples in Largo Argentina, flavored with a medieval mosaic or two in Santa Maria sopra Minerva, we add the sturdy meat of the Renaissance palaces of the Farnese and Spadas and frescoes all lightened with a dollop of Baroque volutes and cupolas in Piazza Navona. This tour can focus on any of these periods, even stretching across the Tiber to enjoy the 13th century frescos hidden away above the medieval church of Santa Cecilia or Raphael’s “day off” in the Villa Farnesina. Some of Rome’s loveliest art collections are tucked behind the grand facades of the Pamphili, Colonna and Spada palaces, and the numerous churches, each of which have a character and personality of its own. Sts. Ignatius and Catherine of Siena left their indelible mark here as did Caravaggio and Galileo. This tour presents the surprising faces of Rome beyond the monumental centers of the Forum and the Vatican and is meant for the gourmands of art.

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