Never did I think back in high school debate club, when I was taking preposterous positions for the fun of argument, that I would end up speaking on subjects I cared deeply about all over the world such as Art and Pilgrimage in Australia, the Real Michelangelo in Ireland, The Last Judgement at the United Nations, Matisse and Modern Art in France and a very exciting Ted Talk on the Sistine Chapel in Geneva.


Bringing the art of Rome to people has turned into a great passion of mine. I love to talk about the business of art, the dramatic story behind the making of the Vatican Museums, Michelangelo and his exceptional achievements, Caravaggio and his world as well as the Baroque’s response to the Age of Discovery.


I have been working for several years on the subject of women in art, particularly the representation of women in the art of Michelangelo, an offshoot of the book I co-wrote for the Vatican Museums with Fr. Jose Granados, “A Body for Glory.”  I have spoken on “Ladies of Easel Virtue” and rise of women painters in the 16th/17th century as well as on “Women who Rocked Rome”, a lineup of exceptional women who left an indelible mark on the Eternal City.


The challenge of crafting a talk to meet the needs of a program or a conference remains for me a form of joyful stimulation. Tackling questions about Martyrs in the Coliseum, Art and the Eucharist, or the very nature of Art History have led me into fascinating paths of research and I am very grateful to those who inspired me to approach new topics.

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