Vatican Museum & St. Peter's Basilica 

After 15 years studying the Vatican collection as well as lecturing and writing about its galleries innumerable times, it is safe to say this is my favorite museum. This tour covers a portion of the 3.5 mile collection and is based on your interests, knowledge of art and experience of the museums. For first-time visitors, the tour tends to focus on the Sistine chapel, using the rest of the collection to reveal the wonders of the world’s most famous artistic space, its creators and its genesis (pun vaguely intended). For those who have already visited the museums, the tour looks to visit less explored sections of the museums from the Carriage collection, to the painting gallery, to early Christian sculpture, always with an eye to recounting the great narrative of the world’s greatest art collection. The tour can also shift focus to St Peter’s, exploring not only the dense spiritual and artistic space, but also the less visited areas, such as the Treasury Museum.

This tour can be rendered more intimate by opening special areas of the collection such as the Niccoline Chapel or the Bramante Stair.

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