My first visit to Rome in far away 1987 was traumatic. It was dirty, crowded and chaotic and I couldn’t wait to get back to my home base of Bologna. Writing my thesis here slowly seduced my into loving the city so much that I couldn’t leave. Every tour I do strives to show the city that changed my mind and my life and to share the wonder and beauty of this Eternal City I chose to call home 17 years ago.


As a licensed guide of the city of Rome, I have been leading tours in Rome for over 15 years. After serving on the guide licensing board for 6 years, I have heard all kinds of styles and preparation for tours. I care a great deal about facts and data of course, but Romans have a wonderful sense of humor about their city and history. I like to incorporate a lighter side to the information, but I believe that most of Rome’s attraction lies in her stories: sacred, profane, uplifting, silly, devastating and triumphant, and that they all weave together in the saga of the Eternal city.

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